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HealthTree is an example of a patient-powered interactive software platform that helps empower patients and offers the chance to meaningfully engage patients in hypothesis generation and discussion of myeloma research.



HealthTree provides an innovative solution for patients. We hope this support tool will allow patients to be more informed, as they discuss options with their treating physicians. We hope this tool will provide patients with guidance for further discussion with their physicians and serve as a platform for patient-driven research.



HealthTree is a wonderful hypothesis generation tool.



Getting the right treatment to the right patient at the right time while taking a patient’s personal preference into consideration is the ultimate goal of healthcare. Positive outcomes can only happen when meaningful discussions transpire based on shared decision making across the entire team. HealthTree will empower patients and care partners with easily accessible tools they need to educate themselves so they can actively engage in these interactions and confidently make informed decisions.



I’m excited that HealthTree offers patients two major benefits. The first is a way to organize their past treatments, responses and side-effects. Patients will always have this information at hand when meeting with the doctors. And the second is with the backing of myeloma specialist, HealthTree can offer a patient potential next treatment options specifically developed for that patient to discuss with their doctor.



HealthTree brings into one, easy-to-access place my medical history, my treatment history and my test results, making it easy for me to prepare for doctors’ visits and accurately share my experience with others. It gets hard to remember the details of what medicine you took when, and what the treatments did to your numbers, but with HealthTree, it’s right there.



HealthTree brings peace and comfort knowing all my information is in one place and that my medical data is being used to find answers and cure diseases.

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